Single Tier Cable Basket Kits


  • Connects to Wall Starter, Adjoining Cable Basket or Power Pole Kit
  • Links to Above Desk Power, Flip Boxes, In Desk Power and Wireless Charging Modules
  • Takes Power Only, No Data


SKU Basket Width GPO GPO Clip Interconnecting Lead
SWBK6502G 650mm 2 1 1.5m
SWBK9502G 950mm 2 1 1.5m
SWBK12502G 1250mm 2 1 2m
SWBK15502G 1550mm 2 1 2.5m
SWBK6504G 650mm 4 1 1.5m
SWBK9504G 950mm 4 1 1.5m
SWBK12504G 1250mm 4 1 2m
SWBK15504G 1550mm 4 1 2.5m


Specification Sheet


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